Small and Medium Business Trends You Have to Prepare For in 2019


With 2019 fast approaching, it’s time to get your business in line with the growing trends that will shape the landscape of the way we do business for years to come. With unemployment the lowest it’s been since they started keeping records and a workplace that is getting more and more automated and filled with robots and advanced artificial intelligence replacing more and more humans, the modern workplace is changing faster than ever before. Who knows what 2019 will hold for sure, however, there are clear trends that we can elaborate upon as 2018 swiftly comes to a close.

The Rise of Technology Guided “Personalization”

Just under a generation ago, the human genome was first decoded and digitized. Since the Human Genome Project sequenced our DNA officially in 2003, companies like 23andMe and Helix are able to give you a detailed report of your entire genetic history for about $50 bucks. With the rise of easy at home genetic testing, companies are starting to be able to tailor their services to your specific needs, right down to your exact genome sequence. While Burger King isn’t going to be offering gene-specific combo meals anytime soon, we are seeing a marketplace that is getting more and more used to the idea of experiences and products that are tailored specifically to them. Smartphone app integration and the spread of IOT (internet of things) devices means that you could see coupons and sales from brick and mortar stores sent straight to your smartphone or watch as soon as you get to the drive through window or walk up to a storefront.

Personalization is what is driving current online marketing profits for companies like Facebook and Google who offer the most personalized dataset for any niche or demographic to which you would like to advertise. Get ready for personalization to spread farther and farther away from the internet and into more brick and mortar experiences in the years to come. Don’t worry. It’s not business. It’s personal.

Remote Work Being More Of The Norm. To Be Expected.

With computers being available for around $200 for a decent desktop or Google Chromebook, it’s easier than ever before to work remotely. The benefits of having a remote workforce have far outweighed the risks for years now. If your workforce is remote, then you don’t have to pay overhead for building spaces and office supplies. If they supply their own computers, then the costs go down even more. People like to work on their own schedule and in their environment of choice. As a business owner, it’s important to realize that many of your employees or potential hires will be expecting to see at least the option of remote work whenever possible. If you’re not ahead of this trend, then you may be hemorrhaging valuable employees to businesses who are.

VR is Here. Prepare Accordingly.

Facebook recently acquired VR giant Oculus and has been dumping major resources into making the platform a success. VR is going to be the new norm before long. As a business, you’ll need to prepare to have an online presence in the VR space just as you did for the internet and search engine space. Be prepared. VR is here to stay and is being brought into more and more living rooms by the day.

All of the tech changes coming in 2019 doesn’t have to be scary. If you make an effort to keep your business ahead of the curve, you will be able to see opportunities and problems before they arise. Happy New Year!