Growth Hacking Your Brick And Mortar Business: Evaluation is Key


When it comes to commercial real estate, you have to choose wisely. As a business owner, whether it’s a boutique flower shop or a dentist’s office, you need to be able to grow foot traffic and bring in as many local shoppers as possible. Now, there are tons of ways you can market your business online, but we’re going to focus on how to grow your business offline (for the most part) and bring in more willing and spend-happy customers by following this simple guide. Let’s get started on how you can make the most of your business.

Evaluate your shopping experience

One of the best ways to grow the number of repeat visitors into your business is to focus on the shopping experience of each customer. Pay attention to how your business comes across from the moment a potential client is able to see your sign and how your building looks overall, to how your store is laid out and organized.

Have a friend or family member visit your business and have them pay attention to the whole shopping experience. Ask them to enter, look around, ask a question from a staff member, complete a purchase, and leave the store. Once they have done that, then ask them for detailed feedback on each step in the process. Start with these questions (but you may want to expand upon these in further testing):

  • What was your impression of my building and the signage on the outside, specifically?

    • Did it fit with the overall look and feel of the brand?

    • Did my signage set the right expectations?

    • Was the outside of my business inviting and clean and professional?

    • What would you change about the appearance of my store?

  • What was your first impression as you walked in?

    • Did you think the layout was conducive to the shopping experience?

    • Did you find the layout pleasing and logical or was it muddled and confusing?

    • Does the decor fit with the business brand?

    • Could you find just about everything just by looking or would you need more detailed labeling and directions?

  • What were your impressions of the staff?

    • How were their clothes?

    • Did they smile and greet you warmly or did you feel you were a burden to them?

    • Did they answer your questions correctly and cheerfully?

    • Did they provide a good representation of the brand?

    • What would you change about the staff experience?

  • How was the checkout process?

    • Did you find it was streamlined and simple, or were you held up unnecessarily?

    • Did the staff member appear confident and careful with your transaction?

    • How were the prices of the items or services? Were they where you would expect or higher or lower?

  • Overall, how was the experience and what would you change?

    • Would you recommend this business to a friend?

    • What minor thing could the business do to improve?

    • What major thing could they do to improve?

After the questionnaire

Once you’ve sat down with your mystery shopper friend or family member and have gone over the questions in that list, then you’re ready to start making some changes to your business. Be receptive to criticism, even if you think it may be unfair, because all of this feedback is very valuable and can help you build a bigger and stronger business. Once you have the process down pat, then don’t forget to repeat this process every few months to keep a running tally of your business’s performance and so that you can always be on the forefront of ever changing shopping and consumer trends. Good luck out there and remember to contact me for all your commercial real estate needs.